I can think of one word when I think of Apex wheels, VALUE! 


Arguably one of the best wheels for your money, these flow formed wheels are the perfect fitment for your 987 chassis Porsche.  When these wheels were created by Apex there were a few goals; amazing fitment for the specific chassis, great looking design, affordability, strength and lightweight.  I think it's fair to say they've achieved all of that with their SM-10 wheel.


Not only were these wheels designed to work with your factory suspension, but they allow the owner to put a much wider/more aggressive tire.  As mentioned above Apex designed these specifically for the 987 chassis meaning there's no need for hub rings, wheel adapters, etc.


If you're still not sold on Apex, then listen to this.  Apex offers a 50% discount on any replacement wheel that has been damaged.  That includes curb rash, a bent wheel or a totally destroyed wheel from an accident.  That's what they call the Apex360 coverage.  CONTACT US DIRECTLY WITH QUESTIONS.  



Bolt Pattern - 5x130

Diameter - 18"

Width - 9"

Offset - 46mm

Center Bore - 71.6mm

Weight - 21.3lbs

Load Rating - 1,620lbs


If you're not familiar with the difference between cast wheels, flow formed wheels and forged wheels, we'll give you a quick breakdown.


Cast wheels are producted from molten aluminum being poured into a casting.  This allows air bubbles in the casting which typically means a "weak point".  


Flow Form wheels are produced similarly to the cast wheel, but once the molten aluminum is poured, it gets pressed with up to 10,000lbs of force.  During this the barrel is rolled, therefore getting rid of the potential for air pockets.  The face of the wheel is still cast, but the barrel is MUCH stronger than a cast barrel and therefore can take a lot more abuse from potholes, curbs, etc. 


Forged wheels are produced from a solid brick of aluminum that was poured and pressed.  From there, the brick will go into a CNC machine where a computer takes over and creates the wheel cutting the aluminum brick into the design.  Forged wheels are the strongest wheels available as the barrel AND face were created from that pressed brick of aluminum, therefore there is very little chance for any air pockets.    


***Wheels are sold individually***

Apex SM-10 Wheel - 18x9 ET46

SKU: SM1018x9ET46x
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