Are you looking to add a little more sound to your BRZ/FRS/GT86?  


Borla has been part of the automotive industry for decades.  While many people might think of them as a company that makes parts for "American muscle cars", Borla has been making exhaust for lots of vehicles for, again, decades.  


Installing this catback exhaust will give your "twin" the sound it deserves.  The sound you want to hear.  And the sound your neighbors don't mind hearing.  It sounds aggressive, but not annoyingly loud.  Adding to that, it also doesn't cause drone in the cabin.  How do we know?  Because this is the exhaust featured on our own Project BRZ.  


Installation is a breeze for those familar with turning a wrench.  The other nice part about this system, it includes an overpipe as well as a catless front pipe.  No worries about getting a check engine light though as deleting the secondary converter won't trigger the pesky light.  

Borla Catback Exhaust

SKU: BOR140496
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