The E46 M3 came with a 3.62R&P and the M Variable limited slip that is known for a relatively short life span (right around 80k miles).  DiffsOnline can refresh the M variable limited slip for a stock rebuild, but a simple and great long term upgrade is adding a 2 clutch LSD to the factory 3.62 gears.  This helps keep the cost down, but gives the owner a much better limited slip unit compared to the weak M Variable set up.   


Whether your M3 is a track driven beast, a weekend cruiser or your daily driver, it could benefit greatly from a proper LSD (limited slip differential).  


The team at Nuts & Bolts Performance have developed a very close relationship with DiffsOnline over the last 8+ years.  We've been "schooled" on what would be considered as the "best options" for each chassis as well as what makes a DiffsOnline differential better than your standard OTS (off the shelf) differential.  


Diffsonline builds a wide variety of BMW differentials in house to accommodate the several different differential housings used in modern BMW's.  They start by cleaning the differential housing, then select the industry's finest ring and pinion gears, apply the desired clutch packs and options and finally carefully assemble the housing to be shipped to your door.


The first decision to make when buying a custom differential is to determine the gearing you want.  The gear ratio determines the number of revolutions of the wheel for every revolution of the drive shaft.  The higher the gear ratio, the more RPM's an engine must turn to keep your speed constant.  Lastly, there are some upgrade options that may be selected including ring and pinion polishing for reduced friction/lower temperatures as well as REM polished bearings, again for reduces friction/lower temperatures.

E46 M3 2 Clutch 3.62 Rear Differential

REM Polishing
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