There are multiple upgrades that an enthusiast can opt for when looking for a quicker revving engine.  Arguably the most popular is a lightweight flywheel set up, but that typically costs thousands of dollars and can be considered a fairly large job especially for the DIY'er.  


The next best option, or at least best bang, when looking to increase how quickly your 86 revs, would be a lightweight pulley kit.  GoFastBits has been in the Subaru game for quite some time and make some pretty cool pieces; this pulley kit is no exception.  As a big fan of NA (naturally aspirated) engines, the team at Nuts & Bolts is always looking at ways to improve throttle response.  Included in GFB's pulley kit are 3 lightweight pulleys that help keep the drivetrain of your engine spinning easier; lightweight crank pulley, alternator pulley and water pump pulley.  


Give these pulleys a try if you're like us and want to keep the revs zinging easier towards redline!

GoFastBits Non-Underdrive Pulley Kit

SKU: GFB2016
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