As you can probably tell, the team at Nuts & Bolts Performance are motorsports enthusiasts through and through.  With our experience, we've come to learn that you just don't mess around when it comes to engine lubrication; whether that means keeping an ideal oil temperature, solid oil pressures in all situations or the correct oil viscocity, we do our best to make sure the engine is our #1 priority. 


While other 86 track enthusiasts may not consider baffling the oil pan high on the priority list, we certainly do.  Greddy has developed an easy to install, well designed oil pan baffle that we'd highly recommend for the avid track day enthusiast.  Installing this oil pan baffle will keep your engines oil lower in the pan during hard lateral-g loads as well as moving around too much under acceleration and hard braking.  


This pan is compatible with NA and forced induction engines.

Greddy Oil Pan Baffle Kit

SKU: GRE-13515901
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