Motul RBF660 brake fluid has been a staple in the "racing" crowd for some time.  Not just because of the name, but because it flat out works.  


RBF660 has a very high dry boiling point (622F) that is superior to conventional DOT 5.1 fluids (260C / 500F) as well as DOT 4 (230C / 446F).  This high boiling point enables effective braking even in extreme conditions....those which are typically found on a race track.  RBF660 also has a very high wet boiling point (399F).  Why is this important?  Because all brake fluid retains moisture; otherwise known as hygroscopic.  If you're bringing your vehicle to the track for a race, track day or even something as simple as an autocross or drift day, we highly recommend flushing your braking system every 6 months as it's likely taken on moisture and could be unsafe. 


We recommend purchasing a quantity of 2 when flushing the braking system.

Motul RBF660 Brake Fluid

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