The Skunk2 equal length headers are designed and engineered to maximize exhaust flow and increase both horsepower and torque throughout the powerband.  The unique design is the result of more than a decade of racing experience coupled with computerized modeling and extensive dyno testing.  Each Skunk2 Alpha Header features equal-length, sequentially paired, stepped primaries and a 4-2-1 tri-Y design that terminates into a collector with a 2.5-inch outlet.  These features, paired with Skunk2’s unique design specs, provide an extremely broad powerband that’s applicable to a wide range of engine sizes and configurations.  Alpha Headers also feature the smallest possible primary tubes required to achieve optimum overall and peak power.  By minimizing the primary tubes’ diameter, Skunk2 was able to maintain the highest possible exhaust gas speed throughout the header, which improves mid-range power and throttle response significantly.  Skunk2’s Alpha Header provides the perfect combination of top-end power without sacrificing mid-range performance or throttle response.



* Equal-Length, Tri-Y Design

* T-304 Stainless Steel Construction

* Unique Cylinder Pairing

* Specially Designed Steps

* Thin-Wall, Cast Collector

Skunk2 Equal Length Race Header

SKU: SK412-12-1500
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