Hub Extenders are the solution that no one else has!  BMW wheels must fit on a hubcentric lip to be securely (and safely) mounted to the hub, but with a 3, 5, 8, or some 10mm spacers on a lip measuring no more than 11mm that presented a huge problem - there would be no lip left over for the wheel to rest on! As one of the world's leading BMW tuners and race teams, Turner Motorsport came up with a way to extend the lip and get back the lost surface area for the wheel to safely mount on.  Their hub extenders are the first of their kind.

Hub extenders fit where the stock dust cap is usually fitted on the front wheel hub.  Pop out the dust cap and tap the hub extender into its place.  It becomes an extension of the original lip.  These will only work on the front hubs because the rear hub is tapered inside (narrows down).  These will not work with Xi AWD models because the front axle shaft protrudes through the hub.  With hub extenders in place you can use nearly any flat wheel spacer - 3mm, 5mm, 7.5mm, 10mm, without worrying that the wheel will not be securely seated.  This is perfect for wheels that have chamfers on the back of the wheel.


Turner Hub Extender Features --

+ hub extension makes flat spacers a true hubcentric fitment
+ precise tolerance fitment thanks to CAD process and CNC mill machine
+ aerospace grade aluminum  light weight but very strong with a high resistance to corrosion
+ additional military-spec hardcoat for further corrosion resistance
+ stealthy black color with laser engrave Turner logo
+ Turner Motorsport track and street tested!
+ Made in the USA


Wheel Limitations - Special consideration needs to be taken since wheel design and manufacturer differ from brand to brand.  The key dimension is the dept of the center bore. Some wheels won't work with larger spacers and a hub extender because of the additional protrusion into the center bore.  Please measure your wheel to make sure it can accommodate an extra 2.5-5mm of hub extending into the center bore. 


Hub Limitations - BMW has multiple hub designs, but not all are compatible with Turner's hub extenders.  The inside lip of the hub must be flat and smooth for at least 13mm (the depth the Turner hub extender fits into the hub).  Some BMW hubs have a bowl shape or have tapered inside walls which will prevent the hub extender from seating all the way.  Remove the hub dust cap to check before opening your Turner Hub Extenders.

Turner Motorsport Hub Extenders

SKU: TWH9905001
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