The Verus Engineering throttle pedal spacer is a must have for any BRZ/FRS/86 enthusiast that wants to get the most out their vehicle.  While the "twin" chassis is certainly one of the best out of the box chassis's to come out in recent years, there's certainly some improvements that can be made with a couple personal touches.  


This throttle pedal spacer brings the "loud pedal" 25mm up from the floor and as much as 20mm closer (adjustable from 15-20mm) to the brake pedal making your heel-toe shifts super quick and super easy.  


If there's one fault to the BRZ, it's the pedal spacing from the factory.  Opt in for the Verus Engineering pedal spacer, give yourself 30-40 minutes worth of installation time and enjoy the pleasure of awesome heel-toe shifting!


Available in Black, Blue or Red.

Verus Engineering Throttle Pedal Spacer

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