Are you looking to get more performance out of your BRZ/FRS/GT86?  Have you taken your car to an autocross, drift day, track day or even just some fun "back roads"?  


Manufacturers design vehicles to understeer (push when turning) from the factory because it is safer for your average driver.  Well you don't want to be "the average driver"!  


Installing Whiteline camber bolts will allow an alignment technician to adjust the front camber on your "86".  Why is this important?  Because most 86's come from the factory with less than 1 degree of negative camber.  Even when lowering the vehicle, you still may only see as little as 1.5-2 degrees of negative camber in the front.  And even worse, you'll have more negative camber in the rear, than the front making your 86 continue to understeer.  


While installing camber bolts most of the time isn't the "ultimate fix", it does allow enthusiasts who are on a budget the ability to dial in a much more performance oriented alignment.

Whiteline Front Camber Bolts

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